Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Divine Cupcakes

All of the cuteness, none of the guilt.

My knitting group meets at Eugene's first cupcakery, The Divine Cupcake. Organic, vegan and amazing. Flavors like Cherry Bomb, The Electric Pumpkin, Thai Me Up and my favorite Peanut Butter Cup. Inspired to knit cupcakes and the fact that Valentines Day is approaching I wanted something cute and sweet.

Knit in the round, these little cupcakes "bake" up in just a couple of hours and are guaranteed to make someone smile. You knit a little cupcake "paper" cup for it to sit in then peek-a-boo! Unwrap your cupcake for a little smile.

Divine Cupcakes
size US 4 (3.5mm) needles- double point or circular- use whichever method you prefer to knit in the round
3 colors worsted yarn
fiber filling
embroidery floss
size 6 seed beads

CO with Color A 6sts, join in round.
1: *kfb* 12sts
2: knit
3: *k2, m1* 18sts
4: knit
5: *k3, m1* 24sts
6: knit
7: *k4, m1* 30sts

Knit for 10 rows. At this point I like to embroider the face on the cupcake using embroidery thread and seed beads.

Switch to Color B
1: *k5, m1* 36sts
2: *yo, k2tog*
3: knit
4: Create picot edge: Pick up stitch directly 2 rows below (same row as color change.) Put on left needle, knit with live stitch. Repeat for all stitches.
5-6: knit
7: *k4, k2tog* 30sts
8: knit
9: *k3, k2tog* 24sts
10: knit
11: *k2tog* 12sts Weave in ends and stuff cupcake with filling.
12: *k2tog* 6sts

Switch to Color C
1: knit
2: *kfb* 12sts
3-4: knit
5: *k3tog* 4sts

Cut yarn, thread through live stitches. Pull tight and pull down into the cupcake and secure to create a little cherry. Sew sprinkles on with embroidery thread.

Cupcake liner:
With Color C, CO 32sts, join in round.
*k1,p1* ribbing for 10 rounds
next round: purl
Start decrease:
1: *k2, k2tog* 24sts
2: knit
3: *k1, k2tog* 16sts
4: knit
5: *k2tog* 8sts
6: *k2tog* 4sts

Cut yarn, pull through live stitches. Weave in end.

Divine Cupcake pattern belongs to Maiya Becker. It is a free pattern. Please do not sell pattern or sell product made from pattern. Be cool. Make lots of cupcakes. Give them away. They make people smile.


  1. These are so adorable! The moment I saw them I just HAD to make one. I just finished, but it's being gifted tonight, so I'll put pics on Ravelry tomorrow.

    I just wanted to add that I was having trouble getting the liner to stay on the cupcake, so I ripped back to just after the purl row (before decreases start) and added 2 plain knit rows. Then I followed the pattern, except eliminated the last k2tog rows (so I threaded the yarn through 8sts instead of 4). This helped it both stay on the cupcake and lay flatter on the bottom.

    Thanks for the pattern!

  2. Thank for the input Rachel! I haven't had a problem with the liner staying on mine. I'll have to try your liner version though. I wonder if it's a matter of stuffing- I lightly stuff my cupcakes. I don't know. I can't wait to see them on Ravelry!

  3. Just added pics! It may be an issue with stuffing, cause I tend to over stuff all the softies I make... These are so adorable, and I will certainly be making more! I'm thinking about picking up some colorful seed beeds for sprinkles!

  4. I love this pattern! Wish I saw it couple of weeks ago so there would have been time to do some up for V-Day. Thanks for the pattern.

    Karen (anderkar on Ravelry)

  5. Hi Maiya! This is so cute! I'm just getting started on it. It's only my 5th project so I have maybe a silly question. After Round 3 of the Cupcake, I only have 16 stitches since I did k2, m1 four times. Any guidance is appreciated.

    1. You should be increasing 6 stitches. You start with 6 stitches and double them (6 more stitches increased making 12 stitches.) If you divide those 12 stitches by 2 (since Round 3 says to knit 2, make 1) you'll see that it divides to 6. Meaning you increase 6 more stitches to 18. Does that make sense?

  6. Love this pattern! I've made a couple so far, and I shared my favorite of the little guys on my blog at and made sure to link up to you :) Thanks for the awesome free pattern!

  7. Hi, Mayai, Your cupcakes look great. I have a question though, what does kfb, yo, and mi mean, I am british and we word our patterns differently. would mi mean "make one" and yo "yarn over" kfb have not got a clue!!!!!