Monday, April 26, 2010

I didn't have a bandit hat...

...So I modified this tube sock.

I love the Fantastic Mr. Fox. Even more, I love the character Ash (really, let's be honest. I love Jason Schwartzman.) Back on topic, my dear friend Mary made a joke about us needing bandit hats during our last yarn bombing. She joked that we needed tube sock bandit hats like Asher wore in the movie. A fleeting thought. A simple joke. I, of course, couldn't get the damn idea out of my head. I needed to make that hat. Already have my Halloween costume planned. Getting to be warm- no need for winter-like face masks. I really had no functional use for this mask. But still, I needed to make it.

After watching the movie, again I started to cast on. I've been asked for the pattern. I rarely write down my patterns. My patterns are more like recipes. I just knit a bandit hat with a mouth. Make sure to stripe the collar (I had to frog this part back. I was done with the ribbing, I looked at a picture of Ash and realized I had the striping part all wrong.) And when you start decreasing down the crown, stop when you have a good sized tube and start knitting a sock. Then knit some fox ears and sew them on. I stuffed the sock a bit with some polyester toy stuffing to help it keep shape.

It fits me and my husband Brandon better, I had made it adult size. But Bailey, my 3 year old pretty much has claimed it as his own. It looks like he has his Halloween costume squared away.


  1. Personally, I like "knitting obsessed tattooed redhead". But that'd just me.

    This is fabulous Maiya! The hat is pretty darn clever too. *wink*

  2. You know I LOVE this! But do you know that I LOVE Jason Schwartzman too!?!

  3. Mary, who doesn't love Jason Schwartzman??!! Love him!

  4. I don't know any of you, but right now my husband and son and I are watching the movie for the umpteenth time and I was browsing FB and found your picture of this hat on the FB fan page. It's the cutest thing I've ever seen. For xmas I'd wanted to make my son a detachable raggedy fox tail... You've inspired me!

  5. Thanks Anne!! That's exactly my point! To inspire people.