Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Alot of Fun

... and fur.

I'm part of an amazing knitting group on Ravelry called Knit Knack. A short while ago, they hosted a competition. Inspired by Allie Brosh who is the author of the blog Hyperbole and a Half. In April, Allie posted The Alot is Better Than You at Everything. We all laughed and raved about it and then set about to see who could create the best Alot. This was my entry and I was lucky enough to win! And now I'm sharing it with you. Please check out the other way awesome entries here and here!

I should mention that I've never written out a pattern for someone else's eyes. Usually, my own patterns are scribbled on the back of receipts and only make sense to me. That being said, if you find a mistake or need clarification on a step, please let me know. I'm new to this.

What skills do you need to make the Alot of Fun? Knitting in the round, magic loop, short rows, increases, decreases, kitchener stitch and just a wee bit of crocheting and embroidering.


  1. Hi there! I linked to you on my blog as part of a weekly knit toy/knit amigurumi feature!



  2. My best friend found the ALot posting and sent that to me as we frequently make up our own words to relieve stress, but also complain about people spelling or using words wrong.

    Yes English teachers, we do pick up on some of the babble you speak at us.

    She found your blog next -- and sent that to me... saying she wished she knit. Well I do... she is my best friend => ok- so I am going to be knitting Alot soon. Thank you. : )

  3. That's awesome Claudia. What a great friend you are!

  4. This is so cool - I love Alot of knitting! XD

  5. If I paid you, would you make me an Alot? D': I... I... I can't knit!! *sob* *sob*
    The five year old in me, when it first saw the Alot thought to herself "I want me one of them!" and then proceeded to kick and scream... and is still doing so.
    If this sounds plausible, e-mail me:
    Thank you!
    Alot of love~~

  6. I just found my next knitting project. Sadly, I don't have any brown yarn, so it shall have to be... ALOT OF COLOURS! xD

  7. Thanks alot for making this pattern! I've been looking forward to making this alot and I've gotten to the horns step, but the pattern you have linked to is only available for purchase now. :( :( Can you please post instructions for this step?

  8. Piratecatarina- I cannot post the instructions for the horns since it is not my pattern and I would be violating copyright laws. You can see if your library has the book. Also are you on Ravelry? Many people who made the Alot of Fun used a different horn pattern they found for free on Ravelry. Hope that helps.

  9. I am on Ravelry, I'll check there for a horn pattern. Thanks so much for responding so quickly!

  10. Thank you so much for this pattern. My teenaged son will LOVE it, and I mean love it alot.