Friday, August 17, 2012

Becker Brigade Hats

Earlier this month I posted about my sons dyeing yarn with Kool Aid and food coloring using the sunshine and heat for solar energy. I told them when they picked out their colors that I would knit them hats. I just finished today!

Name: Becker Brigade Hats
Pattern: Slip Stitch Stash Hat by Renee Rico
Yarn: Knit Picks Bare Peruvian Highland Wool
Weight: Worsted
Modifications: See my Ravelry page for more info.


  1. Love these cool hats! Your little men are gorgeous!

  2. Just found your blog on dyeing yarn! This is just amazing! Thanks for sharing this with all of us. I love their hats and what cute boys you have!!

  3. I just got a post from a friend about your dyeing yarn with Kool Aid. Really a cool idea! And the hats are darling, too!! Thanks so much for sharing this idea with all of us. I can't wait to try it! And your sons are precious, too!

  4. PRECIOUS wee men-folk, and they look so HAPPY with their new hats!