Friday, March 28, 2014


Eugene hosts an annual Jell-O Art show. I participated last year as an artist and had a blast so here I am again. Generally when one thinks of Jell-O art, one thinks of beautifully molded 1960's casserole. Something gross like cherry and tuna fish Jell-O salad. However, the artists have taken Jell-O to a new level and it really is amazing and eye opening to see.

My friend and Jell-O art mentor, Diane McWhorter blogs about Jell-O art. Take a look around and see the magnificent pieces she's created over the years. This link here will give you a tutorial on making your own Jell-O art.

For this year, I was inspired by jellyfish. Inspired by Diane's Jell-O art, I love how gelatin can resemble glass. I call my piece Jell-Ofish.

See more Jell-O art at Maude Kern's Art Center, this Saturday from 5-8pm. Facebook event linked here.

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