Sunday, July 8, 2012

Messy party!

Today I threw my youngest son a messy birthday party for his third birthday. This was so much fun!! Seriously, it was the best birthday party ever!

We held it at Fern Ridge Reservoir just outside of Eugene, Oregon. That way we could be super messy and I didn't have to worry about my house getting messy too! Also there's the lake so we could swim/wash ourselves clean afterwards. We told the guests to come in play clothes or swimsuits. Bring towels and a change of clothes for the ride home.

We laid down plastic sheeting and secured the corners with stakes. One on sheet I made slime out of cornstarch and water. I also dumped in Kool Aid packets to color it and make it smell good. And added tons of glitter. Always add glitter.

On the second sheet, I set up washable tempera paint and paint brushes I got at a craft store. The kids could squirt, paint and all around cover themselves in color.

On the third sheet, I squirted shaving cream and set up more cans. The kids could slip and slide and style their hair and pretty much just get messy.

Last night my husband and I filled a big tub full of water balloons and we all had a huge water balloon fight!

Instead of cake or cupcakes, we served ice cream sundaes with lots of candy toppings, syrups, whip cream and sprinkles. Such a hit on such a hot day.

Clean up was super easy. We just pulled the sheeting up with everything on it and dumped it in the trash! And we ended it all by floating in the lake.
Happy birthday Silas!

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