Saturday, April 7, 2012

Jell-O Art

I recently took my 5 year old son Bailey to a local art show featuring Jell-O art.  I have only recently heard of this art form from my friend Diane.  Diane makes amazing Jello-O art and even won this year's title as Jell-O Art Queen.  View her wiggly, jiggly Gelatinaceae blog here.

At the Maude Kerns Jell-O Art Show Diane gave Bailey a bag of unflavored Knox gelatin and some instructions so he could experiment and make his own art!  You pretty much just use a lot of gelatin, a little water and pour it into thin sheets.  Let it solidify, cut and shape and dry further.  When it's dry, it's very hard like plastic.

Bailey made a chicken and a flower.  His chicken was too thick and ended up molding before it could dry completely so we tossed it.  This very wet Oregon weather has not been cooperative in helping gelatin dry.  But his flower petals dried nicely.  He used 3 colors.  We dyed some of the gelatin black, blue and left a part undyed.  With the advice to use re-melted gelatin as glue Bailey attached his petals.  Bailey had so much fun he told me he wanted to enter the art show next year.  I think that's a great plan!

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