Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Eugene Celebration Parade 2011

This past weekend was the Eugene Celebration and my yarn bombing group decided to march in the parade on Saturday!

We created an Octoscarf using donated sweaters and we all knit while we marched.  Sandra and Lillian held up our banner that we also created using scraps from the sweaters.  And Kacy with Rowan and David (our two yarn bombers in training) helped pull our big "yarn bomb" along with extra supplies.

photos by Melissa Mankins.

I had so much fun and even did an interview for KMTR while I was marching (and knitting.)

Later that evening we got called down to accept our award for runner up for Judge's Knows Best.  That's awesome!

Please visit  The Knotty Knitters blog
to read more about it.

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